More Than 90% Of Reliability Programs Fail

May 17, 2018 1:48:08 PM / by Jimmy Kukulski posted in Insider, Overall equipment effectiveness, OEE, Overgreasing, SPL, Smart Factory, Maintenance 4.0, Precision Lubrication, Single-point lubricator, Preventive Maintenance, Fan bearings, Precision Lubricants, Industry 4.0, Proactive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Lubrication


Last week I was in a former customers plant attempting to help with an issue that crept up on an asset I assisted with years ago. Nothing had changed, even though they had spent a few hundred thousand dollars in my absence. I got the sense that there was zero interest in attempting anything that might be reliability associated. I inquired about some of the initiatives and there execution. Ive seen this many times before, unfortunately. Reliabilty programs have existed for decades, more recently they have been the flavor of the month. It's easy to understand why companies get excited over the idea of improved uptime. The numbers are astonishing. large percentage increases in equipment availability, reduced safety hazards, reduced lubricant consumption. But after years of failed this and failed that, many companies are beginning to ignore the fanfare. Reality is hitting reliability in the face. Whenever I get into action mode at a facility, I almost always get an earful from somebody. The story is always the same. "We tried this before, it didn't work". "We did that at the last place I worked, it was a catastrophe". I always listen with intent, mostly to not alienate the naysayers. Part of keeping a program moving is attempting to get as many people on board as possible, especially those that have a negative attitude.

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